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Perfect Beard Elixir Oil

All-In-One cure for dull and dryness.  Dandruff and flakey skin patches are a thing of the past once with our Perfect Beard Oil.  A unique blend of astringent and nutrients as well as healing and lipid rich plant oils.  Natural light weight and residue free formula.  Smells good and provides great scent throughout the whole day while tones and moisturizes for soft beard and clear facial skin underneath. 
Safe and effective for daily use.  Best when applied post shower when hair is damp.  Can also be used as a scalp conditioner or hair conditioning oil. Perfect for growing and maintaining a healthy beard especially after beard relaxer or facial hair is texturized. 
Directions: Rub a drop of Perfect Beard Oil between your palms and massage into hair as a styling fluid and healing elixir.

Born In Nature...Built for Healthy Beards

Being exposed to the sun has its benefits, since it helps you absorb nutrients. However, too much sun or environmental free radicals can be detrimental to your beard and skin.  Phytonutrients in Rosemary Oil helps shield from ultraviolet rays and premature aging, while Jojoba Oil, keeps hair strong, silky, and toned.  Eucalyptus Oil's antibacterial and antiseptic qualities helps to nourish and protect beard and the skin underneath from the damaging effects of environmental pollutants while Tea Tree Oil fights skin irritations, kills infections, and moisturizes dry flaky scalp.  Antioxidants in Argan Oil and Grapeseed Extract promotes growth and regulates sebum production to keep skin's natural oils at a healthy level. 


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