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Perfect Beard Balm

The Perfect Beard Balm is a frizz fighting machine.  Naturally conditions and hydrates hair by locking in moisture without greasy residue.  Excellent light weight coating that will cut down frizz.  Great for detangling knots and kinks, while fortifying and moisturizing dull lifeless beards. A unique blend of astringent and nutrients as well as healing and lipid rich plant oils and vitamins to eliminate dandruff and odor causing bacteria, while nourishing hair.

Can be used as a daily moisturizer for all types of hair. Perfect for growing and maintaining a healthy beard especially after beard relaxer or facial hair is texturized.

Directions: To moisturize and refresh your beard daily, rub a dab of Teddy Winston Perfect Beard Balm into palm of hand, and coat beard evenly from roots to tips. Use as often as needed.



Natural Ingredients | Teddy Winston Brand

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