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Active Botanical Youth Facial Treatment

1 fl. oz. | 60ml

Lift and fill aging skin with natural plant proteins.

Active botanicals in this serum like Curcuma Longa Root Extract, are the most direct way to deliver anti-aging and restorative ingredients to your skin in a format your cells were designed to recognize.

If you want something to quench your skin's thirst for antioxidants, essential fatty acids and all things anti aging, then this is the product for you.  Instead of stripping your skin's protective outer layer, it strengthens it, balances it and patches up the holes left from unruly skincare products that may not effectively do their job.

Directions: Clean area of application, then massage a good amount into skin with fingertips. Can be used morning or night for an effortless glow.


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Born In Nature...Built for Healthy Skin

Ingredients like gorgeously golden Jojoba Oil, inflammation busting Turmeric Essential Oil and moisture rich Rosehip Seed are blended with the finest of nature's botanicals like Rose, Geranium, Carrot and Raspberry Seed for an unparalleled anti aging experience.

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