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Complete Beard Conditioner

Rich hair treatment conditioner for all hair types. Soothes and replenishes dry, damaged hair with natural lipid rich botanicals. Adds the finishing touches for beard renewal and restoration.

Great for replenishing hair all over the body. Can be routinely used on beard in place of shampoo for light cleaning & deep moisturizing. Smells Great.

Directions: To replenish moisture and deep condition, apply a good amount of Teddy Winston Complete Beard Conditioner to hair, and leave in for at least 2 minutes. Use daily for best results.



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Born In Nature...Built for Healthy Beards

Coconut Oil is a hydration bomb on hair, helping to reduce protein loss in both damaged as well as undamaged hair. Shea rich in Vitamin A & E and the complex carbohydrate acemannan in Aloe locks in moisture and relieves toxins within each hair follicle, without leaving it greasy and heavy. Tea Tree andEucalyptus are ultra cleaners and repel free radicals while, high levels of proteins and amino acids in Avocado Extract is a superhero for softer and more manageable hair.

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