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How To Look Dapper On A Budget

February 21, 2017


Having good style can definitely be a costly feat... but it doesn't have to be. This post is all about how to stay dapper on a budget (because I care [almost] as much about your bank account as you do... and we LOVE saving money. Don't we!!!).

Shopping is therapy for me. I know the boutiques and shopping areas of the cities I frequent like the back of my hand. Not only do I know where to shop for the latest and greatest [quality] designer duds, I also know where to find deals when some of my clients challenge me with a budget.

I am not a fashion consultant who focuses only on the latest runway fashion and [fleeting] trends - I believe style and confidence is much more important than that - and although I do believe in the value of a quality-made and one-of-a-kind pieces, and think it is worth it to spend more on items that will last longer, I am definitely a sucker for a deal. AND I know which pieces are worth spending more on and which pieces you are simply spending your hard earned dollas on a fancy label [NAH!].

Without further discussion... here it is...

Teddy Winston Brand


Find less expensive alternatives.

Look numero uno - casual & cool.

Ensemble style personal stylist menswear calgary new york

the look for less

Look numero dos - the weekend warrior.

Ensemble style menswear blog Calgary New York

Ensemble style menswear blog Calgary New York

Look numero trois - Dad jeans make a comeback.

Ensemble style personal stylist menswear calgary new york

Ensemble style personal stylist menswear calgary new york

So there you have it! Three [awesome] looks that can be put together for significantly less $$ than the version on the models. Looking good doesn't have to cost a fortune - especially when you have someone who can help you navigate the malls to find the latest and greatest, at a lesser cost.

I always try to present my clients alternatives at different price points, so they are able to see the difference (sometimes the difference is significant, sometimes it is minimal & sometimes there isn't any). It is important to know what and why you are purchasing what you are.

Here are a five stores that offer regular deals and/or have quality clothing at a lesser price.

  1. Bloomingdales - love their shoes, denim and jackets.
  2. Banana Republic - they always have pretty good sales, depending what day of the week you shop.
  3. Zara - will usually offer seasonal sales and when their items are on sale, they are ON SALE!
  4. Nordstrom will have mega sales a few times a year - usually at the end of the season.
  5. Top Man - look for the sales events?




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